Your Plug-in Marketing Department
americanview Mar 31, 2015 American View News

What exactly is a cinemagraph and how can it help market my product? To start off, let’s talk about gifs for a minute. Now, the technical difference between a gif and a cinemagraph isn’t exactly large, but it is important.…

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americanview Mar 13, 2015 American View News, Business, Social Media, Technology

It is no doubt that social media is quickly becoming an empire. More and more people are logging on and signing up for hundreds of different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more. Since so…

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  There are a lot of “connected consumers” out there today and companies need to keep them informed. A great way to be in touch with your consumers that is not social media would be an eNewsletter. What’s the purpose?…

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