Your Plug-in Marketing Department
treats each client with a basic premise: “Learn about our client’s mission and markets before producing their messaging or creative. Clients’ creative productions are borne out of solid intelligence and proven strategic marketing principles.”

Branding and Messaging - What Defines You

American View Productions has been a successful Connecticut marketing agency serving private and non-profit organizations in the Bridgeport area for more than 30 years because of its careful attention to branding and messaging.

Before our creative team begins their design process, we sit with you to discuss your mission and business objectives. This learning and understanding is necessary to provide you with a full service marketing plan that will make the best use of your precious marketing budgets.

This full service marketing plan encompasses targeting, positioning, logo design, and messaging in order to build the perfect brand identity to fit your organization. Your brand is what determines how people will respond to your business. Let American View Productions build you a custom brand to convey the right message.


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