Your Plug-in Marketing Department
treats each client with a basic premise: “Learn about our clients’ mission and markets before producing their messaging or creative. Clients’ creative productions are borne out of solid intelligence and proven strategic marketing principles.”
Research, interviews, industry exploration and other examinations provide us the intelligence required to develop a strategic marketing plan for our clients that will make the best use of their precious marketing budgets. Once the plan is approved we can then move into the messaging stage.

At the intersection of Marketing and Branded Content

is focused on delivering compelling stories about your organization -- content that does more than share your mission. It tugs at the strings of your intended audience and gives them a reason to respond. Messaging is the result of understanding the target audience's motivation as well as your unique selling proposition, company goals, and brand strategy. Once messaging is constructed the creative process can begin.
Our creative productions are founded on the core concepts outlined in the strategy and messaging plans. The strategic plan outlines the goals, objectives, and executions, including the media vehicles to be used. Messaging provides creative with the content it needs. Creative then merges the two to communicate your campaign through branding, graphic design, video production, social media, and more.
The number one execution to any creative campaign is most likely an on-line component, so much so that the strategic marketing plan often contains within it an additional on-line campaign including social media management, web design, search engine optimization, and email marketing.
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Despite being around for decades, video is more important today than ever before with online visitors preferring spoon-fed video messages to lengthy paragraphs in order to consume information. Video production and editing is an  Productions specialty, from TV commercials to documentaries, promotions, and PSAs.