Creating and executing an entire marketing campaign can be daunting, we know. From the logo, to the copy, and everything in between, there are a dizzying number of options for how to run your campaign. With a few pro tips, however, you can be sure your campaign is on the right track.


1. Invoke Emotion

Your consumers are driven by their feelings – just ask copywriting expert Joanna Wiebe. Wiebe claims that heightened emotion is the driving force behind viewer/consumer action. We agree. “Action” doesn’t necessarily mean encouraging people to buy.

For example, the goal of AVP’s Dear Dad Tour was to bring awareness to the Connecticut Fatherhood Initiative. Without sparking emotion, this campaign would have fallen flat. Pictures capturing tender moments between children and fathers and videos of local residents sharing sentimental stories about their fathers (a product of our awesome video booth), induced just the emotional response AVP was looking for.


2. Pick a Target Audience

You can’t market a campaign without figuring out who you are marketing to. What age demographic is your focus? Gender? Location? The target audience for the Dear Dad Tour was the general public, legislators, and fathers. To reach all these audiences, AVP’s social media expert Vivian Santos extended the Dear Dad Tour to social media platforms. Videos of people sharing about their fathers flooded Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.



It should go without saying that high-quality graphics are essential to a successful marketing campaign. Graphics and pictures appeal to the visual side of our brains and increase the likelihood that the viewer will remember your content. According to, people are over 6x more likely to remember information when it is accompanied by a helpful image.

A silhouette of a dad and son holding hands parallel to text that looks handwritten was the perfect logo for the Dear Dad website (courtesy of our graphic expert Ami Nyitray). The image was poignantly relevant to the initiative and visually pleasing.

We can also thank Ami for the beautiful website that came with that logo, which is just as important. An attractive website builds trust between you and the viewer of your content. Almost half the people surveyed in a study done by the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab ranked design look as the number one factor they used to determine website credibility.
Whatever medium you are using to launch your marketing campaign, be sure to hire someone who really knows what they’re doing.

Use these tips or skip the stress by contacting AVP to run your marketing campaign today!