When the Bridgeport Regional Business Council contacted American View Productions for the cover photography of their flagship magazine, the Region, they expected the heart of the story they wanted to highlight to visually resonate with viewers instantly. Our in-house photographers used their intuition and knowledge of these stories to capture the essence of the moments in a dramatic fashion to show the gravity of change in the Bridgeport area. It takes a special kind of person to drive that change, but it takes another set of skills to convey that change in the visual medium of photography. Some of the examples of change in the Bridgeport area that were captured for the cover of BRBC’s magazines include the revitalization of Bridgeport’s power industry, the changing landscape of Bridgeport’s waterfront, the rejuvenation of the housing industry, and the town’s efforts in sustainability in concert with surrounding towns. Extra care was taken with each cover from an artistic perspective to ensure that the gravitas of each story was shown so the public could understand what was happening in their community.