During most sporting events in the United States, one common trope that’s always seen is the fan in the audience with a sign that reads “Hi Mom!”. Rarely does anyone see a “Hi Dad” sign. In fact, such a similar father like figure is almost never represented as highly in pop culture. What does this say about the general state of fatherhood? In Connecticut, the Connecticut Fatherhood Initiative aims to change the systems that prohibit fathers from seeing their children or even being an integral part of their lives. More importantly, making fathers just as important as mothers. The CFI has been making great strides in this area of expertise since 1999 and continues to do so until this day. However, how does a systems change organization reach the eye of the public? How does an organization advertise to potential funders? The CFI sought out AVP to tackle this problem and question.

During the month leading up to Father’s Day in 2019, American View Productions decided that the best way to capture the eye, interest, and heart of the public when it came to Fatherhood and the CFI was to tour with a video booth. This wasn’t just any video booth, but a booth that people at festivals and other large gatherings could come into to share a story they have about their father. This tour was appropriately called the “Dear Dad Tour”. The reception to the tour and booth itself at all venues was highly positive. Many attendees felt good knowing that because this was a state funded organization, their tax dollars were being well spent. In addition to that, the idea was executed in a way that made people willing to share a story. Stories were posted online to Facebook, the Dear Dad Tour website, and mass email with the final Father’s Day video about the Tour.