Drones are an emerging technology that many businesses use to physically reach and astonish their audience. They are powerful tools that can curb the costs of traditional aerial filming and can create innovative video content. Drones are the best way to fly above specific locations at a moment’s notice without occupying too much airspace. Aerial photography and videography can both be taken with the use of a drone; companies can utilize this material for a variety of scenarios. As with all manned air travel, it is important to have the necessary qualifications to perform aerial activity. It is for this reason American View Productions is certified by the FAA for all small unmanned aircraft (FAA Part 107). Our experience with construction sites, city landscapes, parks, bodies of water, building and even indoor venues can take your production to the next level. If your company is interested in video production or photography with the use of a drone, give us a call at (203) 880-5956, email Brian Katsis at brian@avpmail.com.