Ask yourself: how do I want my brand to be portrayed? The language and tone a brand uses in their advertisements, website, and social media post can skew the public opinion. Language is the specific words and phrases used. These words and phrases create a tone or an attitude of a brand. How a company maintains its tone and language in social media can affect its overall audience engagement and reach. Let’s first get an understanding of how social media writing differs from the writing you may be used to.


Social Media Writing vs. Traditional Media Writing

Writing for social media is a different process from writing for traditional media outlets. Social media is a two-way conversation so the post should generate a direct response from followers. Traditional media writing, such as a print advertisement, is a one-way conversation because the writer is providing information for the public to consume.


5 Things to Remember When Posting

  • Less is more! It is likely that your audience is just skimming your posts. If a post is too long, followers may not give it the time of day. Do not be wordy; short sentences are key.
  • Try not to use passive voice. The passive voice indicates an action is completed and loses effectiveness. Try the active voice to be more influential.
  • Hashtags are a helpful tool to draw attention to a post. Use them moderately; no one likes extreme hash tagging.
  • Choose words that evoke emotion. Emotions are heightened while on social media and they direct human action. Select words that will help suggest a specific emotion you’re trying to convey.
  • Remember the social part in social media! Use a conversational tone. You will be more likely to create a dialogue with customers and appear personable as a brand.

Social media can be tricky especially with new trends and tools popping up every day you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed. Don’t stress! our social media expert Marissa Foster is here to help! Contact her today!