“Stories” are a recent and bursting phenomenon on social media. From 2016 to 2019, the number of Story users on Instagram has increased by about 400 million, with about 500 million people using Stories total. Although one may think of Stories as a personal tool used by millennials and members of Gen Z, this flashing 24-hour media can be extremely effective for companies trying to reach a younger audience. Learn how to master appropriate story content with a few simple tips:


Use Stories to Showcase Company Culture and Values

Of the 1 billion people on Instagram, the majority are ages 18-29. Therefore, it is essential for any company to cater this platform to millennial values. Millennials are more likely to purchase from companies that “embrace the values of good citizenship,” according to an article by the New York Times. Stories are an ideal platform to broadcast your company’s commitment to humanitarian ideals.

Is your company participating in a community service project or attending a fundraiser for a good cause? Prove to millennials that your company culture is warm and inclusive by posting videos and pictures of a brainstorming session or team bonding event. Videos and pictures are simply more compelling and convincing than a written mission statement explaining company culture. AVP’s team of social media, video, and photography experts is especially equipped to help you create the most captivating story for your brand. Bonus is that most of our team is Gen Y!


Be Engaging

Stories can and should be fun! Stories allow you to post polls and forums that your followers can vote on. Using interactive elements is a great way for a company to show followers that customer input is important to them. Colorful graphics and pleasing aesthetics are key to optimizing Story experience. At AVP, we make all our client graphics. Let our graphic expert Ami Nyitray help you make the perfect graphic for your Story.

Stories are your opportunity to show your clients, especially younger ones, what you’re up to and why they should be vested in your company. To get advice from a social media expert, contact our specialist Marissa Foster! Contact her today!