Let’s face it, not everyone is a tech guru or social media savvy but hey, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks! If you’re not already using social media and the latest technology in your marketing efforts, chances are you’re probably falling behind your competition. Get a jump on 2018 and brush up on these trending marketing ideas.


Video streaming accounted for nearly 75% of all internet traffic in 2017 so it is no surprise that this would be a continuing trend in 2018. Using major platforms to create live video content such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter will surely increase your brand’s presence.


With the ease and accessibility of mobile devices taking over the world, it’s no surprise that mobile video will have such a presence in 2018. According to Recode, mobile video ad spending will grow 49% to roughly $18 billion in 2018 while non-mobile video is expected to fall 1.5% to $15 billion.


These should be short, easy and uncomplicated videos that explain your company’s product or service. Basically, “what we are” or “what we do” videos for dummies. Social media users are 10x more attracted to visual elements such as picture and video. Grabbing their attention with a short video is more likely to have an impact on the viewer.


In a world where technology is meant to increase our communicational abilities, it actually has done quite the opposite. People would much rather talk through a message than have to pick up the phone. Chat bot popularity has increased not only for this reason but also it is a faster form of communication than having to call a long customer service number. If you want to better serve your customers, integrating chat bots in your website can be extremely beneficial.


At the rate that society is going, humans will eventually evolve to be born with a phone in their hand. Our cellphones are basically glued to us and most people can’t even walk 5 feet without it. Marketers use geofencing technology to gather information about their customers based upon the areas they go to. When a customer goes into a geofenced location, mobile notifications allow marketers to target them and then they can send that customer a promotional message.