Video marketing has never been more popular than it is right now. And what better product to market than your company’s brand? A corporate video can be used to persuade potential clients to hire you and ensure existing ones that they’ve made a good choice. In a few simple bullets let us explain just why they are so effective.


5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Make a Corporate Video

  • Everyone consumes information differently. Some people are visual/audio learners, so just writing about your services on your company website won’t cater to every potential client.
  • Search engines favor videos. Google oftentimes lists YouTube videos as results before other links.
  • Videos are easier to share on social media and are more likely to catch viewers’ attention.
  • Portraying company culture is key to building trust between your company and the client. Younger consumers are especially focused on company values.
  • To put it simply: Videos have been proven to be the most effective form of business communication in history and get great results.


The 5 Essentials of an Effective Corporate Video

  • Share the history of your company: Videos are more compelling if it tells a story.
  • Management & staff interviews: Interviews with staff members show that your company hires hard-working, passionate individuals that enjoy their job and helping the client.
  • Testimonials from clients: Testimonials establish credibility for your company, showing that you are dedicated to your client and follow through on the job.
  • Call To Action: An effective corporate video should end with a strong call to action directing the viewer to visit the company website or contact them directly.
  • Pick the right Music: The background tune should be something you would want to listen to, even if you weren’t watching a corporate video. The only restriction is that you’ll want to pick something royalty-free.

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