One major, but often overlooked, angle of the film-making process is the post-production side of the business. This ingredient creates moving picture stories that are more watchable. We all know that moving pictures bring stories to life. In the marketing arena, from the dawn of the Kinetoscope, marketers learned that moving pictures could drive sales. Today this is truer than ever before and those who aren’t on board will literally miss the train. As attention spans are reduced and free time becomes more valuable, the short how-to video, explanatory videos, and the promotional commercial have taken on more prominent roles. While some companies are missing the train ride to good marketing, AVP is constantly adapting to new marketing techniques, and we can make your films better with our expert professional video production services.

Yes, the amateur smartphone video has its place, but the more professionally made video or film will always capture a larger audience. What separates the men from the boys here is how watchable your video is. Does your video well represent your product or service? Will it keep the viewers attention? Impress him or her about your mission? Will it persuade the viewer to share the visual experience with others? If it doesn’t, and has excellent storytelling, try employing the following post-production techniques.


Post Production Techniques

The production stage is important to capture and record the best images, and the narrative and camera-technique make for wonderful raw material. The post-production stage, however, is becoming increasingly important. For example, manipulating time in films, using computer-generated imagery, and 3D modeling are all aspects of the post-production stage that make the end product much better.


How AVP Can Help

Keep in mind the impact that the individual techniques have on the overall story. These techniques can be effectively used to tell a compelling story. Storytelling makes a good impression on the viewer about your mission, and your product or service. Here at AVP, we have a team of video production professionals that can help you to make that winning film or video.