New strategies and concepts regarding social media arise regularly. Each social platform has its own unique features, which many companies capitalize on to increase awareness of their brand. In today’s world, people are meeting less and events such as fundraisers and ribbon cuttings are enjoyed remotely. Statistically, businesses that use online video grow revenue 49% faster year-after-year, compared to businesses that do not use online video. However, not all video on social media is the same. As a result, marketing campaigns have evolved to live streaming video and interactive content that directly engage current and potential customers.

Live streaming is quickly becoming the best video-based feature for attracting viewers and engaging them with your brand. When a person or company you follow on social media broadcasts a livestream, you’re notified in a way that’s different from a regular video post. Livestreams are top of feed material according to most social media algorithms. It is because of this that any one person or company looking to grow their brand must have some sort of strategy for broadcasting their content via live streaming. There is no better way to show your company’s personality, in real time, and in a cost-effective manner than using an engaging livestream service. In a few simple bullets, let us explain the benefits and essentials of using live streaming. For our examples, we will primarily focus on Facebook Live.


5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Live Streaming Video:

  • Video content is more desirable. It is easier for the public to digest and is more visually appealing, compared to a post with strictly words.
  • Facebook Live has built in analytics. This gives users the opportunity to track video performance after each livestream.
  • There are smartphone and laptop applications that allow video companies to be mobile production studios. Through various software techniques, one livestream broadcast can be simultaneously sent to multiple social media platforms to increase awareness. The recorded video is produced in real time with little to no turnaround time.
  • Live streaming allows for a personal approach when producing content. This is perfect for Q&A’s with your audience.
  • The use of livestreams attracts more traffic to one’s Facebook page. Promoting content regularly will keep viewers coming back to your page. Recently, Facebook reported that livestreams can drive 10 times more comments than standard video content because of the real time connection between users and companies.


5 Essentials of an Effective Live streaming Video:

  • Before starting the livestream, it is important to write down key points that your company would like to talk about. Having a teleprompter for talent can be helpful, so it should be employed where applicable.
  • Test your set up ahead of time. Having adequate internet quality is crucial. When checking your upload speed, Facebook recommends 3 Mbps. However, we recommend 15 Mbps for optimal performance. If you do not know the strength of your internet connection, you can use a website such as to test your connection.
  • Embrace imperfection. Livestreams are not expected to be perfect. It is important to keep conversations loose and organic. The audience will feel more comfortable asking questions and will allow your business to look approachable.
  • Be frequent and consistent. The only way to improve the success of livestreams is to keep doing them. At first, your company might not get a lot of viewers. However, continuing to do livestreams over time will increase your viewership.
  • It is critical to inform your audience when you are going live. Building anticipation will allow the audience to look forward to the next livestream and tune in.


Case Study on Alliance for Community Empowerment:

American View Productions assists Alliance for Community Empowerment with their live streaming videos on Facebook. They utilize this platform with a strategy employed by us for the purpose of keeping their community informed about the vital services they provide. Alliance’s weekly livestream is interactive and allows viewers to connect and ask questions related to the social services they offer multiple Connecticut communities. As a result, Alliance’s incorporation of Facebook live streaming has allowed their following to organically grow past 1000 followers. Originally, they were at 700 prior to these live streaming efforts.

If you are interested in professional help with social media live streaming, look no further than AVP’s talented team of video producers and social media consultants. We’d love to talk to you to learn how we can help grow your brand or company.