It’s not unusual for a company or organization to send e-blast press releases to their email lists to supplement media coverage for their event or new announcement. Eblasts help your organization deliver the latest news to its clientele with the click of a button. One reason why traditional press releases are less effective than they used to be is that there are fewer newsroom reporters to cover community and business stories.

Not all audiences take the time to read all the articles or peruse through a photo gallery in an eblast, which is why American View has a strategy that overcomes this obstacle. We produce a short 2-minute video of the event or announcement to be included via link in your eblast. This puts your target audience directly in the action and gives meaning to what they read or know about your organization.

The passive consumption of the e-blast video release gives your target an easy way to get a real feel for the subject matter. The editing of the piece also manipulates the video coverage to be most effective. Including QR codes, web links and contact information together with the videos provides a good varietal mix so that the recipient of your e-blast has a choice of how he or she may want to take in info on your announcement or event on your e-blast release. Here are some examples….

This is a Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust eblast featuring a video of the ribbon-cutting event for the Bridgeport:

This is one of AVP’s most recent The Sound eblasts featuring an animation to welcome the new year:

This is an eblast featuring a highlight of a past Masquerade Ball to promote their upcoming event: