In 2017 we will see a number of new video marketing techniques being used in the industry. These techniques include: an increase in live streaming, the 360-degree video format, infotainment, and storytelling in videos. They will shape the industry and help businesses improve the effectiveness of their marketing.


More Live Streaming

Live streaming your event will be essential in 2017 and will greatly increase the size of your audience because the Internet is quite literally available to everyone. Live streaming is a great, cost-effective way to get eyes on your event from viewers who may not be able to attend in person. Consider using it if you are trying to reach investors with busy schedules, potentially interested clients, and if there’s inclement weather at an outside event. Not to mention your venue for the event may only have a maximum capacity of so many people, so adding live event streaming may be necessary to add that last few spectators. Live streaming is also a very social platform. Broadcasted across the Internet, it can be easily shared and enjoyed instantly by countless numbers of people.

The platforms and delivery of live-streaming has changed rapidly since its inception. There are several streaming apps, among the most popular are: Periscope (Part of Twitter), Stringwire, Meerkat, Hang w/, and Facebook Live (Source). Videos on the Twitter platform have become much more popular since its initial inception. In fact, “82% of users agree that they watch videos on a regular basis”(Source).


360-degree Video Format

This immersive way of filming involves using a virtual reality camera in order to capture a 360-degree experience. On YouTube, while you are watching one of these types of videos, you can use your cursor to move the video while it is playing so you can see all angles that were filmed. This VR type of filming will be used much more frequently in order to immerse the audience in an interactive experience.

The technology is so engaging that one source indicates: “70% of marketers who have used 360 videos say it has increased engagement for them.” (Source). A marketer could even live stream an event using this technology to expand the effectiveness of the video and increase the size and scope of the audience.



In 2017, people will gravitate towards a trend that is gaining traction called: infotainment – videos that both inform and entertain. Viewers no longer just want to watch news or learn something new, they also want to be entertained.


Video Storytelling

Storytelling is nothing new, but using compelling storytelling as a way to market your company or sell goods and services is a growing avenue. Telling a story in a video and creating an emotional connection with your viewer and target audience, rather than hard selling will be a key trend in 2017. Everyone likes a good story that they can relate to. A strong emotional story hooks your viewer early and keeps them watching.

In 2016 we’ve already seen many commercials that use the same techniques you see in dramatic films. The following is a video compilation of several commercials that are extremely dramatic:


Bottom Line

These four techniques will both change the way video marketers do their marketing and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. From capturing the excitement of a live event to feeling the drama of an emotionally connecting commercial, there are several new methods of delivering content and new technologies that you will see marketers use next year.