Video marketing can easily become an afterthought when putting together a marketing strategy as these days everyone needs a website and some basic outreach plan. When working within a limited budget, it may seem like an easy decision to scale down or completely remove a video in order to save marketing dollars. The problem is that when people think of video as something extra rather than as added value, your marketing campaign could suffer.


Video Marketing and Attention Span

In today’s world, people have a short attention span or not enough time to click and read through your website. That is why 2-4 minute videos are the best way to market your product. In fact, 51.9% of marketing professionals believe that video marketing is the form of delivering content that has the best return on investment (Source).

Videos are dynamic and moving rather than static like an article, which means they are inherently more engaging. When watching a video there are few, if any, things on the screen that can distract you. Consider this: videos on a phone actually cover the entire screen. In the case of a traditional website the user is constantly bombarded by distractions. Videos succinctly express a brand of a company – in only a few minutes or less – which is faster than an article.


Effective Marketing

Whether it is to limit distractions, deliver content efficiently and effectively, or offering professional quality content, it’s essential to add video marketing to your marketing toolkit. Clearly, using video content for your marketing is an extremely effective way to reach a wide range of audiences. In fact, we at AVP recommend making it one of your primary tools to deliver content.


Uses in Your Business

Now might be a great time to add a video component to your marketing plan. Using video will give your company an actual voice and face in the virtual world of the Internet. Consider creating an introduction or welcome video for your website, viral videos to engage with your social media followers, or a mini documentary to entice donors and build goodwill with the community. Using video properly can support your business or cause in a variety of ways. So whether you have an established web presence or are just starting to put together a plan, include video into your strategy.